About me.

I am the co-founder of Inquisition, SiGNL and The GoodWork Society and a fellow at The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. I’ve been described as “1 part tech-geek and 1 part culture-nerd”, “brutally honest” and a “boundary hound”.

I’m on a mission to make work, work and ensure advancements in technology put humanity first.

My talks are applicable to leaders and teams who understand that they need to reconfigure how they work to be more innovative and more adaptive but aren’t sure how to do so.

My talks cover design ethics and human-centred design and organisational culture and designing engaging employee experiences. I focus on translating theory into practice and gives away as many ideas as my bank-balance will allow me to do.

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Currently speaking on The Human Side of Technology and Putting Purpose into Process.

Organisations I helped to Co-Found


Inquisition is an employee experience design firm, which looks at ways to improve the quality of interactions people at work in social, work and space contexts with the ultimate intent to make work more human. Inquisition’s partners design cultural conditions which unlock the creative potential of teams.

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SiGNL is a creative technology company which explores ways technology can help people to live better. SiGNL does this as an R&D partner to firms looking to explore emerging technologies like voice and conversational interfaces, data physicalisation and smart devices.

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The GoodWork Society is an activist collective which looks at ways to prompt organisations in South Africa to create opportunities for employees to do dignified good work. The GWS explores ways organisations can become contributing members of society in public lectures, debate and research.

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I was asked by a leadership team to share a talk on how to deliberately design the conditions for better team work and ultimately a better employee experience.

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I enjoy the opportunity to develop new knowledge with a smart group of panelists, or to chair a conference to pull together the contributions of multiple speakers and I am most suited to moderating debate or chairing conferences about employee experience design, the human side of technology or design.

I share talks at conferences and leadership events on the human side of technology, designing employee experiences and design in the African context.

I host podcasts on the human side of technology, organisation and employee experience design and design in the South African context.

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